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How does the Allston/Brighton rental market compare to the rest of the U.S?

The Reality Of Allston / Brighton Rental Prices I remember getting the call that opened my eyes up to the fact that I wasn’t just living in an expensive city, rather one of the most expensive in the country.  Joe, from Sleepy Eye, Minnesota (Real town) was looking for a 2 bedroom apartment.  Great, I… Read More >

How to Prepare for the Winter When You Live in Boston

Winter is subjectively cold to residents no matter where they’re living, but no one can argue that some states have it worse than others! Boston is located in the northeastern United States, so there’s no denying the fact that Boston residents face some of the harsh winters. Surviving those harsh winters comfortably is possible, it… Read More >

How long Should I Wait To “Pull The Trigger” On An Apartment In A Busy Market?

Knowing When To Commit In A Hot Rental Market I once had a client who I was taking out to see apartments in Allston in the middle of July. It was very hot, both market-wise and temperature-wise. My clients had recently lost out on a two-bedroom apartment because the landlord had accepted another group. I… Read More >

Important Tips For First Time Renters

There is no greater feeling than signing your first rental lease, getting the keys to your new apartment and finally being able to appreciate the sweet taste of freedom & independence, though it is also fair to say that renting comes with its fair share of unexpected issues, and surprises! If you are a current… Read More >

What is Oak Square & Why Should I Move there?

The Origin of Oak Square Oak Square is frequently mentioned in discussions regarding popular neighborhoods in and around Greater Boston, especially the Brighton area.  The Oak Square neighborhood of Brighton has very humble beginnings.  The beginning of Oak Square started with nothing more than an ancient oak tree which once stood along an Indian path. Oak Square… Read More >

How to Find Roommates in the City

Are you moving from the suburbs to the big city? Relocating from one Metropolitan area to another? Is your roommate moving out and now you need to find a sublet? Finding a roommate in an unfamiliar area is not always a straightforward and easy process, for those who may be in the process, or will… Read More >

Activities In & Around Boston

Boston is a culturally diverse city steeped in rich history both old and new. As one of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston has excelled when it comes to providing its residents with an abundance of activities and events that are happening constantly around the city on any given day! Below is a… Read More >

Should I Move To Boston?

Boston is known for many things. Renowned around the world for our excellent education, & healthcare systems, and hailed as a title town for the consecutive championships in a variety of sports over the last decade, all in all, it’s not all too bad being a Bostonian these days! Here is a quick preview of… Read More >

What to expect renting an apartment for the 1st time in Boston

Hello! Thanks for giving us a chance to help you this year. If you’re new to the rental process, I hope you’ll find this helpful. My goal is to let you know what to expect from the process and what to look out for should you happen to not rent through Preview Properties again this… Read More >

Everything you need to know (and avoid) to have the best rental experience necessary

The snow has melted.  You’ve finally ventured outside without having to maneuver over 8-foot snow banks.  You haven’t needed to resort to the move when you slip on ice and still try to look cool at the same time by incorporating a dance move (the robot, perhaps) top cover for your flailing limbs.  You start… Read More >